Nowruz Doodle

Google Doodle Commemorates International Nowruz Day

Google’s vibrant Doodle marked the celebration of ‘International Nowruz Day 2024’ on a lively Tuesday. Designed by Iranian artist Pendar Yousefi, the artwork encapsulated the essence of Nowruz, reflecting on cheerful childhood memories and the anticipation of spring’s arrival.

Nowruz, originating from the Farsi term for “new day,” stands as a symbol of cultural richness, embraced by over 300 million individuals worldwide. Rooted in Zoroastrian traditions, this ancient festival heralds the commencement of the Iranian Solar Hijri calendar, typically falling between March 19th and 21st, coinciding with the spring equinox.

Extending across countries interconnected by the Silk Roads, including Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and more, Nowruz transcends geographical boundaries, uniting diverse cultures in shared celebration.

India, renowned for its diverse traditions, embraced two Nowruz celebrations. The first, aligning with the global observance, took place on March 20th, while the second, following the Shahenshahi calendar, unfolded on August 15th, 2024.

History and Significance of Nowruz:

With roots tracing back over 3,000 years to ancient Iran, Nowruz symbolizes the rejuvenation of nature and the advent of spring. Entrenched in Zoroastrianism, it holds significance across Western Asia, Central Asia, and beyond, embodying the triumph of good over evil and joy over sorrow.

Beyond being a mere festival, Nowruz stands as a testament to unity and cultural diversity. Recognizing its profound impact, the United Nations designated it as the International Day of Nowruz in 2010, amplifying its role in fostering global harmony.

Central to Nowruz customs is the haft-sin tradition, where families adorn their homes with seven symbolic items, epitomizing renewal and vitality. Fire and water rituals, spirited dances, and heartfelt gift exchanges punctuate the jubilant festivities.

As we embrace the spirit of Nowruz, let us cherish its message of peace, solidarity, and reverence for our shared humanity. Here’s to a joyous Nowruz Mobarak to all!

Picture Courtesy – Google & Jagran English

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