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The Tata Nexon, a popular compact SUV in India, is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of the Tata Nexon Fearless CNG 1.2. This variant aims to cater to a growing demand for fuel-efficient and cost-effective vehicles by offering an alternative to its existing petrol and electric offerings. Let’s delve into how the Nexon Fearless CNG stacks up against its predecessors:

Fuel Efficiency and Cost Savings:

The biggest differentiator of the Nexon Fearless CNG is its compressed natural gas (CNG) powertrain. Compared to the petrol variant, the CNG version boasts significantly higher fuel efficiency, offering an estimated mileage of 25-27 km/kg. This translates to lower running costs and makes the Nexon Fearless CNG an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers and those who prioritize fuel efficiency.

Performance and Range:

The Nexon Fearless CNG utilizes a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine modified to run on CNG. While exact performance figures haven’t been revealed yet, it’s expected to offer slightly lower power and acceleration compared to the 1.2L turbo petrol variant. However, it should still be sufficient for city commutes and occasional highway trips.


The Nexon Fearless CNG comes equipped with CNG cylinders that will limit its overall driving range compared to the electric variant. While the exact range hasn’t been officially revealed, it’s estimated to be around 300-350 kilometers on a full tank of CNG. This might be a limiting factor for long-distance travel, but it should be adequate for most daily commutes.

Similarities with Petrol and Electric Nexon:

Despite the switch to CNG, the Nexon Fearless retains many of the design elements and features of its petrol and electric counterparts. This includes the bold and stylish exterior, spacious and comfortable interior, and a plethora of tech and safety features.

Targeted Audience:

The Nexon Fearless CNG is likely to appeal to a wider audience compared to the electric variant, especially those who prioritize affordability and lower running costs. This includes budget-conscious buyers, taxi operators, and individuals who primarily use their vehicles for city commutes.

The Tata Nexon Fearless CNG presents a compelling option for those seeking a fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and feature-rich compact SUV. While it might not offer the same range as the electric variant or the sheer power of the petrol version, it makes up for it with its lower running costs and wider appeal to a budget-conscious market segment.

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